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How to make the perfect cookie

Oops! It has happened to the best of us asking ourselves what the hell happened to my cookies? But, but, but I followed the recipe to the tee...or for some that haven't leveled up to baking from scratch, but, but, but they definitely don't look like the cookies on the front of the package? LOL Is that you? Well, a sista is going to help you out.

Here are some basics. The first rule in making the perfect cookie, is making sure that all of your ingredients are at room temperature. Your butter and eggs must be at room temperature. Whether you're baking a cookie or a cake, everything must be at room temperature. You will thank me later.

Another rule of thumb is that you MUST...and this is a must; You must use FRESH ingredients. Stale baking powder or stale baking soda will make a difference in how your cookies you bake. Keep in mind that spices also expire. Make sure that all of the ingredients that you are using are fresh.

This cheat sheet is pretty dope.


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